nba灰熊vs小牛视频:通用模具工業(吳江)有限公司SKD Tooling Company

  • 公司行業:汽車、摩托車
  • 公司性質:外資企業
  • 公司規模:50-200人
  • 公司地址:江蘇-吳江市中山北路1300號


      Company Brief Introduction
      通用模具工業(吳江)有限公司坐落于中國江蘇省吳江市,隸屬于美國唐氏工業,是一家世界級的汽車模具公司。公司專業設計和制造各種中、大型汽車沖壓模具,包括連續模和傳送模。 自2001年4月投產以來,公司在業務上得到飛速發展。不僅向國內的汽車制造商及其一級供應商提供產品,還出口加拿大、美國、意大利、法國、德國、英國、日本等國家。為拓展業務,通用模具工業(吳江)有限公司在廣東珠海成立了第二家工廠:通行模具工業(珠海)有限公司。 實現客戶滿意度是我們一貫的方針,嚴格要求每一個項目按時交貨,及具有竟爭力的 價格,向客戶提供高質量的產品。在公司全體員工的不斷努力下,我們已成為眾多汽車制造商的首選模具供應商,并逐漸在世界汽車模具市場上嶄露頭角。
      SKD Tooling Company Ltd., affiliated to parent company, Tang Industries Inc. in U.S., is a world class automotive tooling facility located in Wujiang city of Jiangsu province in China. The company is capable of building a complete line of mid to large size automotive stamping tooling, including progressive dies and transfer dies. Since the grand opening in April 2001, SKD Tooling Company—Wujiang division has experienced a substantial growth in its operations and sales volume. Today, the company supplies tooling to both domestic and international automotive companies. Many of its products are shipped to OEM’s and Tier I stampers locally in China as well as exported globally to countries such as Canada, U.S., Italy, France, Germany, U.K. and Japan, etc. To future expand its market shares, SKD Tooling Company opened a second division in Zhuhai city of Guangdong province. SKD Tooling Company is committed to customer satisfaction by providing high quality products at competitive pricings with on-time delivery to its customers in every tooling program. The company has been recognized as preferred tooling suppliers by several major OEM’s and has become a renowned tooling supplier to the global automotive market.
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